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Incite Projects
is more than just a:

Incite Projects clients aren’t interested in mediocre buildings. Which is a good thing, because we can’t help with that. See: we’re not just builders. We’re not just designers. We’re not just project managers.

We’re construction innovators, problem solvers and boundary pushers.

We’ve developed our own full-suite building management solution that seamlessly handles your project through all its phases: inception, design, council negotiations, project management, and construction.

Our Key Focus Areas Are

Pre Contract

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Physical Construction

The Physical Construction

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Project Management


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Budget and Time Control

Budget and
Time Control

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Post Contract Service

Post Contract

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Post Contract Service



The post-construction phase includes thorough due diligence of the entire project scope. While the post-contract admin process differs from project to project, some of the areas we interrogate are:

  • Is all the required project and work maintenance complete and followed through with either a call-out or a maintenance contract?
  • Has a certificate of substantial completion been acquired until the building can be officially inspected?
  • Have electrical, plumbing and fire compliance certificates been obtained?
  • Has the building been signed off by local authorities? Has the certificate of occupation been issued?
  • Have the manuals and all necessary documentation been handed over?

Once the above is complete, we can officially dot the I’s and cross the T’s. You can rest easy knowing that your building project was completed to the highest quality, hassle-free. We’ll be there every step of the way, from plan right until the endpoint, to answer all questions and ensure a smooth handover.

Admin and paperwork? Not a problem. Incite Projects takes that boring stuff off your hands.

Champagne anyone?

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About Us



From start to finish. To save you headaches. And also because half a job isn’t worth doing.


We design solutions. You know what you want, we work out how best to build it.


Construction isn’t child’s play. Design is one thing, building another. We know a lot about both.



One successful project after another, that’s how we’ve built our reputation. That’s why clients trust us.

Like what you see?

Make it happen.

Incite Projects does it differently. Our Design-Build solution isn’t for everyone. If you’ve got a big idea that needs a practical solution, talk to us.

When you work with us, you’ll soon realise that you’ve signed up for an exciting journey. Our innovative approach means that we’re not bound by traditional processes and ideas. And knowing that we have over a decade of cross-functional experience will give you confidence in our methods, our designs, our construction, and our project management.

We know what works and what doesn’t. Our 100% successful track record speaks for itself.

Ready? Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Share your design concepts and ideas with us.
  2. Along with our in-house team of designers and architects, we help to refine your vision.

  3. Together we scope out budget allocations, ideal timelines and project plans.
  4. You give us the seal of approval and we get to work taking those ideas from paper into the real world.
  5. Your project kicks off, and we manage it from there.

What our clients say about us

I have worked with Stuart Allen from Incite Projects and Fusion Architecture for four years on various projects. I genuinely appreciated how Stuart embraces some of my more eccentric ideas. Stuart managed to read me and my life well enough to give me designs that perfectly suited me and the loved ones that they were created for. Scoping and planning renovations requires a minute attention to detail and an attentive ear to our needs. Stuart and his team apply all of these in bucket loads. My four projects have all been an absolute dream come true each time.

I am very confident in recommending Fusion Architecture and Incite Projects.