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About Incite projects

A successful project is when what the designer creates and what the builder constructs are true to the vision that motivated the project in the first place. This takes sustained attention to detail, understanding of tried-and-tested principles of design, a knack for problem solving, and the courage to embrace new building technologies.

This is the excitement that drives Incite Projects.

Even before Incite Projects was founded in 2018, both Stuart Allan and Reinhard Kretzen were well-established in the industry. Stuart holds a director’s role in a built environment company, PDA Group and Reinhard established his own interior design firm ten years ago. They set out to develop a full-suite Design-Build system where a project would run its course through concept, design and build in a smooth process.

Between Stuart’s respect for the built environment and Reinhard’s entrepreneurial spirit, your building project is in good hands.

This is how we do it:

Rise to the challenge.

Solve the problem.

Build a solution.

We know how messy a mismanaged construction project can be. And how disappointing it is when there’s misalignment between your expectations, the promise of the design, and the completed building. We don’t have time for that.

What we do have is the drive to create great buildings, the inspiration to find innovative solutions, and the respect for your time, your vision, and your budget. This is what we put into every project:

Unparalleled industry expertise.

Grounded creative vision.

Uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Our projects – whether commercial or residential – are successful because we listen to what you need. And we have over a decade of cross-functional experience in the construction industry. Last but not least, we take pride in our work. A lot.

At Incite Projects, average isn’t an option.

    Our Mission

    Construction is messy and stressful. But it’s easier and more successful with a builder you can trust to make the hard decisions based on their experience in the trade. That’s where Incite Projects comes in.

    We have what it takes to manage your Design-Build from plans through to post-construction. We innovate, reinvent and rethink.

    So, we want you to reframe the way you think about construction. Take a step beyond traditional, limiting and outdated construction.   

    Interested? We hope so.

      Meet the team

      Here’s a bit of backstory from the founders:

      “After decades in the building industry, we had one terrible experience after the other. When it came to having our projects built, it was a complete and utter nightmare.”

      We were working with tradesmen who couldn’t grasp our concepts, details, vision and cost parameters for a project. We would end up running a project while the builders were costing our clients time and money.

      We worked in parallel with contractors for years until the frustration became too much. So, we decided to build our own team of reliable builders and contractors.”

      Our team of A-players are experts in their various fields across the building and design industries, bringing decades of experience to the table.  Above all, we are passionate about what we do, the future-forward ideas we bring to the table and the ultimate finished projects that we hand over to our clients.